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Released: 2005-11-15
Windows 95/Windows Me/Windows NT

Lowest New Price: $59.31*
*(As of 09:44 Pacific 25 Jan 2020 More Info)

Click Here
  • Import crucial data from a PC or handheld to your cellular phone, or vice versa
  • Also lets you use a celphone as a wireless modem, so you can check your email or go online anywhere
  • Compatible with several LG cell phone models
Product Description:
DataPilot Universal for Macintosh in the perfect tool to enhance the functionality of your cellular phone. Replacing your handset is a hassle when it comes to transferring your mobile content to the new device. Thanks to DataPilot Universal, now you can easily migrate your sounds, pictures and contacts from old to new phone in seconds. Delivering over $200 of cost savings in future cable purchases, DataPilot Universal Kit includes nine different phone connectors to support most popular cell phones in the market including Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, LG, Sanyo and Sony Ericsson. DataPilot Universal for Macintosh supports Phonebook, Dial Up, Calendar, Ring Tone, Picture and Movie. Includes USB cable NOTE - An additional data cable may be required based on phone model upgrade.

Internet Phone 3.0 (2-user)

Vocaltec Inc.
Windows NT/Linux/Windows 98/Windows Me

Internet Phone 3.0 (2-user)
Lowest New Price: $10.35*
*(As of 09:44 Pacific 25 Jan 2020 More Info)

Click Here Product Description:
Just plug a microphone into your Macintosh, start Internet Phone, and get in touch with other Internet Phone users. Internet Phone supports full-duplex conversations so you can speak and listen at the same time, just like with a real telephone. Graphic panels provide you with all the information you need, while an animated assistant lets you know exactly what's happening every step of the way. There's even a Quick-Dial menu for immediate access to the people you call the most. Whether you want to meet new friends, speak with your family, or make direct business contacts, Internet Phone is for you.

Internet CommSuite 2.0

Smith Micro Software Inc.
Windows NT/Linux/Windows 98/Windows Me

Internet CommSuite 2.0
Lowest New Price: $6.93*
*(As of 09:44 Pacific 25 Jan 2020 More Info)

Click Here
  • Make the Internet Come Alive! Product Information The ultimate Internet Communication Kit! Takes Internet communications to the next level!  Internet CommSuiteincludes all aspects of today's Internet, plus new and exciting leading-edgetechnology by brining all the personality of live conversation to Internetinteraction. Integrate all of your Internet communications into one interf
Product Description:
Make the Internet Come Alive!Product InformationThe ultimate Internet Communication Kit!Takes Internet communications to the next level!  Internet CommSuiteincludes all aspects of today's Internet plus new and exciting leading-edgetechnology by brining all the personality of live conversation to Internetinteraction.Integrate all of your Internet communications into one interface. With InternetCommSuite you have the most comprehensive set of Internet communications toolsavailable all integrated into one easy-to-use interface. Now for the firsttime there is one product to help you fully harness the potential of theInternet and one simple interface to do it with.Now makes real time person-to-person communications a reality!  InternetCommSuite now makes real-time Internet Communications a reality for everyonethrough a new free on-line service - With the on-line service it allows you toplace and receive live Internet phone calls through the use of legitimate e-mailaddresses which are similar to your unique telephone number. In addition youcan customize your Internet communications through the on-line service and its"call blocking" feature to eliminate unwanted calls or material. Product HighlightsInternet FaxFax as many Windows documents as you want to any fax machine in the world andcompletely eliminate long distance phone charges from the phone company.* You can save time by automatically faxing your PC to individuals or broadcastgroups and receive confirmation that your fax was received.Internet PhoneTalk over the Internet for free! It's a lot of fun and a great way to savemoney. Internet CommSuite offers you a choice in how you communicate with othersusing the Internet Phone. One use the provided Internet Directory to beaccessible to anyone on the Internet. Or two through create yourown private Directory with friends and family and control the access to yourInternet Phone. Plus with the addition of a camera you can also conductful

Cell Datapilot Bluetooth Kit

Released: 2006-05-01
CD-ROM (Linux)
Windows XP

Cell Datapilot Bluetooth Kit
  • Compatible with NOKIA: 6102i, 6103, 6230, 6230, 6255i, 6651, 6820, 8801 / SONY ERICSSON: S710, Z52
Product Description:
Enjoy wireless freedom with the DataPilot Bluetooth Kit that includes a Bluetooth USB adapter and the award wining DataPilot synchronization software. Now you can access the wireless Internet through your handset and transfer mobile phone content between your computer and select Bluetooth wireless-enabled mobile phones. Plug the Bluetooth adapter into your computer's USB port to take control over your mobile phone. Free yourself from a cable environment and make your mobile office truly wireless, while still taking advantage of significant MMS or SMS savings. Sync your mobile's contact information with your Outlook, Outlook Express, and Palm Desktop Software Back-up & restore your mobile phone address book on your PC. Download movies and pictures from your mobile phone to the PC and email them to your friends and family. Has Ringtone Composer, Image Editor, SMS Manager, and Calendar, depending on the capabilities of your specific phone model. You can only use this with up to 8 different phone models before you need to buy new licenses from DataPilot. (Some data services are network and subscription dependent features. Please contact your service provider for details)

Nero SIPPS Connect: the Internet Phone Solution [Old Version]

Released: 2005-11-09
Windows XP

Nero SIPPS Connect: the Internet Phone Solution [Old Version]
  • Use the 3-way calling feature to conference in several parties at one time
  • Low flat calling rates to international destinations
  • Choose from different colors to customize your user interface
Product Description:
Nero SIPPS Connect is an intuitive internet phone that offers you all the features you expect along with a high level of customization. Convert your PC into a communication center! VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) now provides users with simple and cost-effective ways to communicate through your internet connection. SIPPS Connect offers easy VoIP solutions for all PC users connected globally. With two SIPPS Connect licenses included, you can share the VoIP experience with family or friends everywhere. Call your friends and family at home and on their mobile phones at extremely competitive rates!

OvoLab Phlink Phone Information System (Mac)

Released: 2005-11-28
CD-ROM (Mac)
Mac OS X

OvoLab Phlink Phone Information System (Mac)
  • Play custom greetings to known callers, based on their caller ID
  • Store all voice messages on your Mac
  • Announce callers through the Mac's speakers
Product Description:
The Ovolab Telephone Adapter is a small USB device which plugs into one of your Mac's USB ports on one side, and to an analog telephone cable on the other side. Using the Telephone Adapter, Ovolab Phlink can interface with the telephone line. It also recognizes Caller ID if such service is available from your telephone company. The Ovolab Telephone Adapter also works with Vonage devices and other IP-based services which provide an analog telephone connection. Ovolab Phlink, combined with the Ovolab Telephone Adapter, can answer telephone calls and identify the caller using Caller ID and Apple's Address Book. After answering a call, Ovolab Phlink records a message and stores it on your Mac for later retrieval. Ovolab Phlink lets you label and write your own notes next to each call, as well as sort and search through them. Phlink is not limited to playing prerecorded messages. You can run any AppleScript, or launch any application, by pressing keys on your telephone's keypad. Take a video snapshot and send it by email, turn filesharing on or off, restart a server. The possibilities are endless. Scripts can also send audio feedback to the caller by speaking text using Mac OS X's speech synthesis in addition to playing back prerecorded sounds. Ovolab Phlink can encode messages at extremely low bitrates and send them as email attachments to any address you specify. Create fully automated tone-driven menus Share a single line for fax and voice calls Integrates with pagesender for receiving faxes on your Mac Create scripts that look up information on the Internet Trigger actions based on who is calling Log incoming calls based on caller ID information Schedule activation and greetings based on the time of the day Speech synthesis to provide feedback to the caller Address Book to identify known callers AppleScript for automating actions QuickTime to compress and store recordings Rendezvous to automati

PUMATECH Intellisync goAnywhere (Windows)

No Operating System

PUMATECH Intellisync goAnywhere (Windows)
  • Stay productive on the move by responding to email & browsing information with your PDA
  • No synchronizing or forwarding required -- always directly reflects what you do on your Web phone or Internet browser
  • Secure remote access with the 128-bit, end-to-end encryption - no open ports or server information to spy on

Phone Tools Expert

Released: 2003-09-10
Windows 2000/Windows 95/Windows NT

Phone Tools Expert
  • The industry standard for communication software
  • Convenient integration features
  • Powerful phone, fax, and email features



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