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Macromedia Fireworks 8 Upgrade (Win/Mac) [OLD VERSION]

Released: 2005-09-13
Mac OS X

Macromedia Fireworks 8 Upgrade (Win/Mac) [OLD VERSION]
Lowest New Price: $135.98*
Lowest Used Price: $39.95*
*(As of 05:16 Pacific 23 Jun 2017 More Info)

Click Here
  • Create and optimize images with precise control.
  • More than 25 new blend modes for creative effects.
Product Description:
Fireworks 8 lets you balance maximum image quality with minimum compression size as you create, edit and optimize images for the web with precise control. Create animated rollovers and pop-up menus with Fireworks 8’s intuitive visual tools, and utilize round-trip editing capabilities with Dreamweaver 8 and Flash Professional 8 for greater efficiency. Fireworks 8 new features include effects like blends and shadows, more file formats supported for importing, pop-up menus in CSS format, and new image editing, autoshape properties and special characters panels for a better user experience.

Apple iLife '06 (Mac DVD) [OLD VERSION]

Released: 2006-01-16
Mac OS X

Apple iLife  06 (Mac DVD) [OLD VERSION]
List Price: $48.83*
Lowest New Price: $39.50*
Lowest Used Price: $39.98*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 05:16 Pacific 23 Jun 2017 More Info)

Click Here
  • iPhoto 6 with blazing performance and new Photocasting
  • iDVD 6 for authoring custom DVDs for today’s widescreen TVs
  • Mac OS X v10.4.4 or later is required for iPhoto Photocasts and iMovie HD themes
Product Description:
iLife ’06 is the next generation of Apple’s award-winning digital lifestyle suite. It features iPhoto 6 with blazing performance and new Photocasting; iMovie HD 6 with new movie themes for adding spectacular motion graphics to movies; iDVD 6 for authoring custom DVDs for today’s widescreen TVs; and GarageBand 3, the complete solution for creating professional-sounding podcasts. iLife ’06 also introduces iWeb, an innovative new application that makes it easy to create amazing websites with photos, blogs, and podcasts and publish them on the Internet with a single click using .Mac. Now more than ever, it’s clear that the Mac is the ultimate platform for the digital lifestyle.

Dreamweaver UltraDev 4.0

By Ed Sheila Mcginn

Released: 2001-01-01
Dreamweaver UltraDev 4.0 CD-ROM (Pc)
Windows NT/Windows 2000

Dreamweaver UltraDev 4.0
Lowest Used Price: $112.10*
*(As of 05:16 Pacific 23 Jun 2017 More Info)

Click Here
Build ASP, JSP, or CFML Web applications quickly by using Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev 4. Rapidly build database-driven Web applications in a single design environment, and maintain total control over source code. Professional hand-coding environment includes ASP, JSP, and CFML keyword color-coding, autoindenting, punctuation balancing, and the ability to debug client-side JavaScript directly in your browser. View live, server-side data in the workspace, and make edits to layout and logic on the fly. Maximize productivity with built-in server behaviors, the ability to create your own library of reusable server behaviors easily, and powerful shortcuts for creating user authentication, master/detail pages, and more. Improve development efficiency with sitewide reports, project tracking, and integration with version-control systems like Microsoft Visual SourceSafe for Windows and leading content-management systems.

Comic Book Creator 2.0

Planetwide Media
Windows Vista/Windows 2000

Comic Book Creator 2.0
Lowest Used Price: $120.99*
*(As of 05:16 Pacific 23 Jun 2017 More Info)

Click Here
  • 1200+ Art Assets including screenshots, clip art, word ballons, animated gifs and more.
  • 100+ Professional Layout and Design Templates
  • Audacity audio editor and Video Controller
Product Description:
TELL YOUR STORY . . . YOUR WAY. DRAG AND DROP PICTURES, MUSIC AND VIDEO FROM JUST ABOUT ANYWHERE-EVEN THE INTERNET! If you've been looking for the best tool to mix your favorite media, look no further! Easy-to-use drag-and-drop software and photo, video, and audio editors give you everything you need to tell your story your way. Create personalized comics! Add video to comic books, set your pictures to music, or blend original art with sound effects to make action-packed comics. An ideal tool for creative people Comic Book Creator 2.0 is a dream toolkit for self-publishing, whether you're making photo comics or classic comics from your scanned artwork or video game screenshots. Make amazing photo comics Comic Book Creator 2.0 makes photo comics better than ever! Imagine adding the video of your helicopter tour to the photo comic of your Hawaiian vacation, or making a birthday comic with the video of your child blowing out the candles. You can even use the audio tool to record your own unforgettable voiceovers, use the audio editor to mix songs, and edit photos with PD Particles. Perfect for classic comics KABOOM! Play an explosion or crash at the thrilling climax of traditional comics made with your scanned artwork, or use fight sound effects in comics made from screenshots of your favorite PC video game. It doesn't get any easier! You'll be amazed how professional your comic books look with Comic Book Creator 2.0. Just choose a design for each new page, drag and drop backgrounds, audio, videos and balloons onto each page, fill in your dialogue and you're ready to publish! INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED FOR ACTIVATION System Requirements Windows 2000 or XP Internet Explorer 6 or higher 500 MHz Pentium or compatible 256 MB RAM 1 GB hard disk space CD-ROM drive 1024 X 768 display

Dreamweaver 4.0/Fireworks 4.0 Studio

Released: 2000-12-23
Fireworks 4.0 Studio CD-ROM (Mac)

Dreamweaver 4.0/Fireworks 4.0 Studio
Lowest Used Price: $25.00*
*(As of 05:16 Pacific 23 Jun 2017 More Info)

Click Here
Get integrated Web graphics design and professional Web-site development by using these two bundled products. A shared Macromedia user interface and integrated product features make the Dreamweaver 4 Fireworks 4 Studio the most efficient way to create professional Web sites. Create, edit, and animate bitmap and vector Web graphics, and add advanced interactivity and pop-up menus in Fireworks' robust, professional environment. Easily import Fireworks rollovers, pop-up menus, and buttons into Dreamweaver to create engaging Web experiences. Launch and edit both graphics and tables between Dreamweaver and Fireworks for efficient workflow. In Dreamweaver, complete the design by using visual page-layout techniques or code entirely by hand in the professional text-editing environment. Create Macromedia Flash graphics, easily manage site assets, and integrate content from Microsoft Office to create professional Web sites. Look up code descriptions and examples by using integrated reference material from O'Reilly Publications. Maximize team efficiency and integrate seamlessly with leading content-management systems.


CD-ROM (Mac)
Mac OS X

List Price: $399.00*
Lowest Used Price: $149.99*
*(As of 05:16 Pacific 23 Jun 2017 More Info)

Click Here

Serif WebPlus Essentials

Released: 2010-04-19
Windows Vista/Windows 7

Serif WebPlus Essentials
List Price: $4.47*
Lowest New Price: $3.72*
Lowest Used Price: $5.49*
Usually ships in 24 hours*
*(As of 05:16 Pacific 23 Jun 2017 More Info)

Click Here
  • Design and publish websites quickly and easily - no HTML knowledge required!
  • Easily add photo galleries, stream music, host YouTube videos and much more
  • All the tools you need to create your website and get it online
Product Description:
WebPlus Essentials makes designing and publishing your website easy – no HTML knowledge required! It really is quick and easy for anyone to get a website up and running in no time at all. Thanks to the 'what you see is what you get' (WYSIWYG) user interface in WebPlus Essentials, there's no complicated HTML programming to master. Simply drag and drop objects from the QuickBuilder Bar onto your page to create your website – it’s that simple! There are on-screen ‘How To’ guides that can walk you through tasks step-by-step while the handy Learning Zone contains videos, tutorials, access to the community forums and the extensive knowledge base. Add your own pictures and words to the customizable templates in WebPlus Essentials and publish your website live online in minutes. If templates aren’t your style, start with a blank page and design your page with the powerful tools in WebPlus Essentials. You’ll also find intelligent navigation bars that will automatically update themselves when the structure of your site changes – it’s just another way that WebPlus Essentials makes designing websites easy. You can create different types of websites and host content on WebPlus Essentials websites. Stay in touch with friends and family with a personal blogs or show those holiday photos in a photo gallery (use the built-in PhotoLab to make sure that the photos on your web page are at their very best) and even make money from your hobby or new business idea by selling online. After you have finished designing your website, get it online fast using the free domain name* and 12 months free website hosting from When we say it is a complete package, we mean it! There’s no limit to the number of websites you can create and because WebPlus Essentials is so powerful and flexible, you can design websites that rival those done by the pros at a fraction of the cost!

Web Design Studio 4

CD-ROM (Linux)
Windows NT/Linux/Windows 98/Windows Me

Web Design Studio 4
Lowest Used Price: $99.99*
*(As of 05:16 Pacific 23 Jun 2017 More Info)

Click Here
  • Suite includes Dreamweaver 4, Fireworks 4, Flash 5, and FreeHand 10
  • Fireworks 4 for creating and optimizing Web graphics
  • Powerful productivity features for graphic designers with FreeHand 10


No Operating System

Lowest Used Price: $149.99*
*(As of 05:16 Pacific 23 Jun 2017 More Info)

Click Here
  • Extensive Code Editing Support
  • Flexible workspace
  • Powerful Application Development Tools
Product Description:
Macromedia DreamWeaver MX: Education Version - The Professional choice for building websites and internet applications. - Flexible workspace - Jumpstart Design and Production - Powerful Application Development Tools - Extensive Code Editing Support - DreamWeaver MX combines its reowned visual layout tools with the web application features of DreamWeaver UltraDev, extensive code editing support of HomeSIte, and integration with Macromedia Flash MX. Now use one complete solution to quickly create, build, and manage websites and applications using HTML, XHTML, XML, ColdFusion MX, ASP.NET, ASP, JSP, and PHP.

Gizmos 98 A Suite of EnhancedACCS/COOL Tools for WIN

Plains Art Museum
Windows 98/Windows Me/Windows NT

Gizmos 98 A Suite of EnhancedACCS/COOL Tools for WIN
Lowest Used Price: $18.00*
*(As of 05:16 Pacific 23 Jun 2017 More Info)

Click Here
Gizmos 98 is a suite of breakthrough tools designed to fix a number of deficiencies in Microsoft Windows 95, 98, and NT operating systems and add several essential functions. Gizmos 98 addresses four areas that need improving: file security, image management, desktop accessories, and visual entertainment.



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